MBS SEA Games 2011 Baseball Results

UPDATED: 20 Nov 2011 16:40 Malaysian Time

SEA Games 2011 Palembang – Baseball Men
Team P W L Runs (+) Runs (-) Runs (+/-) Points
INDONESIA 3 3 0 36 -5 31 6
PHILIPPINES 3 3 0 29 -2 27 6
THAILAND 4 2 2 35 -16 19 6
VIETNAM 3 0 3 0 -37 -37 3
MALAYSIA 3 0 3 0 -40 -40 3
Date Time Visitor Score
Score Home
13/11/11 1000 PHI 9 VS THA 2
13/11/11 1430 MAS 0 VS INA 14
14/11/11 1000 INA 7 VS THA 5
14/11/11 1430 PHI 10 VS VNM 0
15/11/11 1000 THA 12 VS VNM 0
15/11/11 1430 PHI 10 VS MAS 0
16/11/11 1000 INA 15 VS VNM 0
16/11/11 1430 THA 16 VS MAS 0
17/11/11 1000  PHI 4 VS INA  0
17/11/11 1430  VNM 10 VS MAS 4
19/11/11 1000 THA (12) vs VNM (4) = THA wins Bronze Medal
20/11/11 1430 PHI (2) vs INA (0) = PHI wins Gold, INA wins Silver

MBS Players in SEA Games 2011 Palembang

Below is the list of MBS Players and Officials representing Malaysia for Baseball in the 26th SEA Games 2011 in Palembang.


1 Faizal Amini bin Mohd. Yunus Infielder / Pitcher 23
2 Low Wui Yong Short Stop 16
3 Sukimi bin Saat Outfielder 15
4 Lee Keat Seng Outfielder 5
5 Ahmad Ramzi bin Ahmad Zaini Catcher / Outfielder 14
6 Mohd. Zahrul Shafiq bin Zahar Outfielder 22
7 Saravanan Subramaniam Infielder / Pitcher 25
8 Sazali bin Husain Pitcher 13
9 Syahrizal bin Zainal Rashid Catcher / Infielder 2
10 Ahmad Hafeez bin Hamdan First Basemen 6
11 Adi Yusman bin Md. Yusof Second Basemen 3
12 Teh Zi Rong, Edmond Catcher / Infielder 38
13 Muhd. Khairul Hafidzin bin Abdul Wahab Pitcher 33
14 Justin Ham Kok Keong Outfielder 30
15 Muhammad Syahmi bin Asrulsani Second Basemen 20
16 Mohd. Al Fakre bin Yaacob Short Stop 18
17 Mohamad Rashidin bin Mohamad Ridzuan Outfielder 28
18 Muhammad Shaharizan bin Mat Rose Pitcher / Outfielder 27
19 Mohamad Zulhairi bin Mohd. Riduan Pitcher 32
20 Mohd. Zulhakimi Alif bin Rohim Outfielder 48
21 Mohd. Shaharizan bin Mohd. Zain Outfielder 37
22 Mohd. Lazim Hamid Head of Delegation
23 Mohamad Rosli Abu Bakar Team Manager
24 Takeshi Sato Head Coach
25 Hirofumi Sakamoto Coach 1
26 Raymond Peter Kril Coach 2

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Malaysian Baseball’s pride and glory…


MBS in The Star

Check this out… Thanks to Mr. K’ng Zheng Guan for the great write up..

MBS Video # 01

Below is the first installment of a series of videos featuring the MBS.

Deepest gratitude to Clip Director: Mr. Ray Kril and Cameraman: Mr. Hasan Attas


MBS Selection Results & Program

After careful deliberation, the National Team Selection Committee has decided on the 30-men Draft Roster for the MBS Squad, en route for SEA Games 2011. They are:-

1) Nor Azan Mat Sarip (Stars) – 3B
2) Sazali Hussain (Patriots) – P/1B
3) Sukimi Saat (Patriots) – OF
4) Faizal Amini Md Yunus (Patriots) – P/2B
5) Low Wui Yong (Patriots) – 3B/1B
6) Adi Yusman Md Yusof (Patriots) – P/2B
7) Ahmad Ramzi A. Zaini (Patriots) – C
8). Ahmad Saufi Musa (Stars) – P
9). Mohd. Nor Abu Bakar (Stars) – P
10) Saravanan S. (Patriots) – SS/P
11) Mohd. Zahrul Syafiq (Patriots) – OF
12) Shahrizal Z. Rashid (Stars) – C
13) M. Shaharizan M. Zain (Stars) – OF/C
14) M. Syahmi Asrulsani (Patriots) – 2B
15) A. Hafeez Hamdan (Patriots) – 1B
16) M. Rashidin Ridzuan (UniMap) – SS/OF
17) Lee Keat Seng (Patriots) – OF
18) M. Zulhakimi Alif (UniMap) – 3B
19) M. Shahrizan M. Rose (UniMap) – P
20) M. Zulhairi M Riduan (UniMap) – SS/P
21) M. Saiful Hani Ramli (Stars) – 2B
22) M. Al Fakre Yaacob (Stars) – SS
23) M. Fuad Hilmi (PoliMas) – C
24) A. Naz Nazrin Zamani (PoliMas) – P/OF
25) M. Zulkifli Ab. Rahman (PoliMas) – P
26) Tan Ying Yew (KL) – P/OF
27) M. Shahrizad M. Shapi (Patriots) – OF
28) Justin Ham K K (Patriots) – OF
29) M. Khairul Hafidzin (KL) – P
30) Lai Chou Yien (Sarawak) – 3B

Decisions are based on player’s performances throughout the recent President’s Cup, National Pitchers & Catcher’s Tryout and the National Coaching Clinic, where vital statistics, technical, fundamental skills as well as capabilities are reviewed and evaluated.

The 6-Member Committee scoured through various score sheets, statistic reports and video footages which were used as basis of selection. The decisions made by the Committee are final and no appeals shall be entertained.

The 30-Men Draft Roster shall proceed to report for the Centralized MBS Training Camp Session 1, to be held at Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang, Selangor, starting from the 2nd to the 14th of October 2011. On the 15th of October 2011, the 22-Men MBS Final Roster will be announced, and they will report for the Centralized MBS Training Camp Session 2, which starts from the 18th October until 4th November 2011. The MBS players will then be given a 3-Day break before reporting back for the Pre-Departure Camp on the 8th of November 2011.

MBS Team shall depart for Indonesia on the 10th of November 2011, and will take part in the March Pass for the SEA Games Opening Ceremony, scheduled for the 11th November 2011, in Palembang, Indonesia.

MBS Team is expected to return back to Malaysia on the 21st November 2011.

Please be informed.

Nahar Dato’ Johari
MBS Team Deputy Director

Eidul Fitri Wish

To all Muslim Members of MBS, the Management would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Eidul Fitri.. Forgive us for any wrongdoings, mentions that might have hurt or offended anyone..

May Allah bless us all with His Love, Grace and Compassion, and may this year, the MBS will achieve its glory and success internationally..

To all non-muslim Members, we would like to wish you Happy Holidays and Selamat Hari Merdeka…

May all of us contribute positively towards achieving MBS’s overall targets, objectives and missions, and elevate Malaysian Baseball to international standards..


SEA Games 2011 Palembang Updates Ver. 1

I just learnt today that the Cambodian Baseball Federation had a change or leadership recently. The new President, Mr. Phin Sarun was unanimously elected to replace founder Mr. Joe Cook, and flanked by a 9-member committee comprising of 2 Japanese Nationals based in Ho Chi Min City.

Its was further reported that the new Committee revealed the Cambodian National Baseball Team was destined not to compete in the SEA Games 2011 in Jakarta/Palembang, due to financial constraints, but their keeping their hopes up for any last minute changes in faith.

With Cambodia out of the picture, the possible contenders are left with Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. The INASOC (Indonesian SEA Games Organizing Committee) had pre-determined that the Baseball Events would be held subject to a minimum of 5 participating countries. As at 1st August 2011, the INASOC had only received Entries by Numbers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. With the latest development, participations from Myanmar and Thailand are crucial for the continuance of the event.

Let’s all of us pray..

MBS Rules and Codes

We’ve released the Official MBS Rules and Codes, to be adapted, absorbed and practiced by all members of the MBS, as well aspiring players wanting to be in MBS. We expect everyone in MBS to memorize all the Rules and Codes, live by it and interact using it. Not only would it improve you as a person, but also your attitude towards any baseball game you play.

Our promise is this.. If you can 100% adapt and live by the Rules and Codes, the Management will take care of you like a superstar player…

To view the MBS Rules and Codes, please visit the MBS Code page..


Let’s Play Ball

Nahar Dato’ Johari
MBS Deputy Director

Welcome to MBS’s Official WebLog

This weblog is dedicated to the elite Malaysians that qualifies to be enlisted as a member of the Malaysian Baseball Squad (MBS), Malaysia’s elite National Baseball Team. Out of many who tried and continuously trying to be in it, only a few are selected to represent Malaysian Baseball in international baseball tournaments.

Though the MBS is appointed and governed by the Baseball Federation of Malaysia, it is an independent group that continuously strives to better their skills, fundamentals, techniques and games. Under IBAF’s world mens ranking, the MBS is ranked number 56 (2010) whilst in 2009, they were ranked number 58. For the complete Ranking List, please visit IBAF World Mens Ranking.

It is MBS’s dream and goal to excel in the international baseball scene, and to climb the world ranking ladder within the immediate future. With hardwork and effort by the team members, encouragement by those who strive to be in the team, as well as the support by Malaysians, such dreams and goals can easily be achieved.

Let’s Play Ball Malaysia..

Nahar Dato’ Johari
MBS Team Deputy Director